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Webinar: June 6th 2014 // 4:30 pm

Presentations: Dragan Espenschied

Moderation: Tabea Lurk

Database Systems and Technologies

From object via context to culture. How far do documentation models change in our days due to cultural, semantic, and technological changes?

Dragan Espenschied is internet artist and the new chief conservator of the Rhizom ArtBase at The New Museum in NYC. Hetalk about cultural echoes of database technologies from spread sheet via process oriented data bases to big data applications. These cultural echoes are identified in database driven artworks. They make the very often concealed functionality and meaning of database systems perceptible and uncover their hidden meaning.

This last topic, to reveal cultural meaning of web based technologies in a broader sense and make it perceivable, is one of the remarkable benefits of net art, net literature, net music and additional cultural activities… and the reason for our MOOC. Even though we can touch only a very tiny segment of these activities, our aim is to bring meaningful bits of information closer to you… and during the course to learn from your experiences.

Documentation of Webinar III - Echos of Database Systems (June 6th 2014)

ScreenShot Dragan.png

Part III.I - Interactive Live Presentation
presented by Dragan Espenschied / moderation: Tabea Lurk

Part IIII.II - Documentation of the Live talk
presented by Dragan Espenschied