Identification Module

From BUA MOOC on Digital Art and Culture

A Contribution to the BUA MOOC on Digital Art & Culture

Webinar: June 4th 2014 // 4:30 pm Presentation: Tabea Lurk

Moderation: Gaby Wijers and Gesa Teichert

Core questions to be adressed

How does netart look like ?

  • Selected examples

Where does netart occur ?

  • Swiss Netart Collections
  • Global Netart Collections
  • Net Literature
  • Additional Net-Culture
  • Participants of the MOOC are kindly requested to add examples.

Institutional demands

  • What are the obligations, challenges … of institutions which take care of digital art & culture?
  • Policies, Preservation Models, Acquisition Structures, etc.

Documentation of Webinar I - Finding & Identifying artistic & cultural activities on the Internet (June 4th 2014)

Part I.I - Introduction

Part I.II - Examples & Discussion

Part I.III - Collection Policies

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