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From BUA MOOC on Digital Art and Culture

A Contribution to the BUA MOOC on Digital Art & Culture

Webinar: June 5th 2014 // 4:30 pm

Presentations: Baruch Gottlieb, Jürgen Enge, Arnaud Obermann

Moderation: Tabea Lurk


From object via context to culture. How far do documentation models change in our days due to cultural, semantic, and technological changes?

Part I: Case Studies

This lecture focusses on documentation of digital art & culture. It starts with a short presentation of documentation requirements and concepts in the field of conservation & restoration.

  • Arnaud Obermann presents shortly an example for a typical documentation schema.

Following the transition is made from a rather object-centered to a context sensitive description and documentation of cultural heritage goods.

  • Therefore Jürgen Enge presents a case study which applies the CIDOC

Conceptural Reference Model (CIDOC CRM) with its extensions CRMdig (ditigal) CRMsci (scientific) and CRMarcheo (archeological) in a MediaWiki System in order to allow conceptual documentation works.

Finally the shift from context to culture is attempted.

  • Baruch Gottlieb will explain the importance of documentation regarding selected examples of current web and cultural hacking projects. Since the projects have a performative character documentation is important from the very beginning. Specific examples of such kinds of documentations are presented or linked.

Summary Part II: Discussion

In the second part of webinar the presenters discuss in a more freestyle way core requirements such as

  • which implications does the shift from object to context to culture mean from a institutional perspective?
  • how can current digital and/or webbased culture be delivered to the future and what does tradition (in terms of a continuing action) mean?
  • Pros / cons regarding classical selection processes: where and how can current web-based culture be experience and described in a way that some meaningful relicts will be kept for future generations

The last part of the discussion will be semi-open to the public: Everyone can pass questions via a chat box to the presenters.

Documentation of Webinar II - Reading & Documenting artistic & cultural activities of digital art and culture (June 5th 2014)

Part II.I - Conservatory Documentation
presented by Arnaud Obermann

Part II.II - Documentation of Context
presented by Jürgen Enge

Part II.III - Documentation as Cultural Activity
presented by Baruch Gottlieb